How to Research Used Cars using PricesPeoplePay

How to Research Used Cars using PricesPeoplePay

In this day and age there is so much data available on the internet on used cars and their worth that it can be nauseating to traverse all this information to find what you’re looking for.

And with the Coronavirus Pandemic sending more people online, the buying and selling process for used cars is taking place digitally more than ever before.

According to the latest stats there are roughly 19.8 million cars registered in Australia. With so many cars entering the market and being traded all the time, how can you accurately work out the market value of a car?

Enter Prices People Pay! We provide easy access to the most accurate market value pricing data for used cars in Australia.

Found your Used Car?

If you’ve already found the used car you want to buy then make sure you get our comprehensive Valuation Report before you make an offer.

Whether you’re buying from a private seller, or at a dealership, or at a public auction, our Valuation Report will provide you clear and transparent guidance as to what the car is actually worth.

Prices People Pay Sample Valuation Report
Prices People Pay Sample Valuation Report

Save time and money on lengthy negotiations. Avoid those lingering doubts on whether you paid too much. Our Valuation Reports will help you get peace of mind when haggling for the best price on your next used car.

Just beginning your Used Car Journey?

If you’re still figuring out what car you want to buy or if you’re about to sell your own used car, then Prices People Pay Search can help make your journey easier.

  • If you’re buying a used car then you’ll need to have a budget – you can search our database for thousands of different cars, and what they actually sold for, to help you set your budget
  • If you’re selling your car then you’ll want to see what similar cars have sold for recently – you can search our database and narrow down the same car are yours to see what others sold for

Our data base of actual used car prices covers thousands of transactions that have taken place in the last 12 months all across Australia.

Our unique data set comes from the prices that used cars are bought and sold for at the most popular used car auctions and dealerships in Australia. All the data on our website are actual transacted prices, not what cars have been listed for by sellers.

Prices People Pay Search Sample
Prices People Pay Search Sample

If you wanted to look up sales prices for the Toyota Hilux, or Ford Ranger or Holden Colorado then you could simply purchase our Essential plan for $14.99 which gives you access to 12 months’ worth of sales prices from across Australia – for the Hilux, Ranger and Colorado that’s over 10,000 sales prices!

From here you can apply multiple filters such as choosing a specific Badge (e.g. the Toyota Hilux SR), transmission, fuel type, model year and state.

You can even narrow down your search results further by only looking at a certain kilometre range, e.g. only looking at sales prices for vehicles that had a kilometre reading between 50,000 and 100,000 kilometres.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to just the type of cars you’re interested in you can simply view the prices to get a clear picture of what those cars sold for.

When you then negotiate for a car with a private party, a dealer or even bidding at an auction you will now be able to confidently bargain for the right price!

Sitting on the Fence?

If you’re unsure of whether to dip your toes into the market then our Free Valuation Calculator is for you.

Whether you just want a guide as to what you’re own car is worth, or if you’ve had a quick glance at a car you fancy, you can use our free calculator to get an accurate market value for any used car in Australia.

Within seconds you’ll receive a valuation and set of recent sales for that car, all for FREE.

Prices People Pay Sample FREE Valuation
Prices People Pay Sample FREE Valuation

We use the most advanced vehicle valuation calculator provided by Datium Insights, the experts in instant car valuations.

Using cutting edge machine learning techniques that canvas millions of historical prices, we can show you the estimated market value of your car based on the latest conditions in the used car market.

Start your Used Car Journey now at Prices People Pay

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