Prices People Pay Introduces Valuation Reports

Prices People Pay Introduces Valuation Reports

Need the most accurate assessment of your vehicles’ worth?

Prices People Pay have now introduced a new product to help consumers on their used car journey – the most accurate Valuation Report available on the market.

Whether it’s buying a used car or selling one, the new Prices People Pay Valuation Report provides greater transparency between buyers and sellers on the actual value of the car.

The new Valuation Report can be used in price negotiations with private sellers, dealers looking for a trade-in or financiers trying to provide you a car loan.

Prices People Pay Sample Valuation Report
Prices People Pay Sample Valuation Report

The report uses state-of-the-art valuations from specialized analytics firm Datium Insights.

Their proprietary valuation algorithms have been used by banks, leasing companies, car manufacturers, dealers and a host of other automotive businesses across the country.

“The sophistication Datium Insights brings to valuations, with our machine learning models and algorithms, has given us a proven track record as the most accurate valuers in the marketplace.”

“We are delighted to provide access to these valuations directly to consumers, in the hope that it brings greater transparency and speed to used car price negotiations across the country.”

Tanim Ahmed, Head of Product at Datium Insights.

Now these valuations have been packaged up into a comprehensive report that settles the debate about a cars worth.

To receive your Valuation Report you’ll need to select:

  • whether you’re a buyer or seller
  • what type of sales environment you’re participating in (private, dealer or auction)
  • the vehicle
  • its odometer reading
  • its compliance date
  • its location
  • its condition

All these inputs ensure your car gets a unique valuation that’s reflective of the current market conditions.

The report provides 6 valuations in total, representing the different sales environments and vehicle conditions, while highlighting the valuation that most accurately reflects the value of your car. See a sample report here.

At an affordable price of $30, you could end up saving thousands of dollars by ensuring you agree on the right sales price for the next used car you buy or sell.

Try out the new Prices People Pay Valuation Report now.

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